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Welcome to Repus ®: Where Imagination Thrives!!!
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Everyone has dreams. Some are simple, while others are not. Some people go through life without ever living it. While others do. Some people try their hardest to show people how much they care, treating them like gold, and in the end get burned. Yet, they go on, with love in their heart, hope in their mind, and a smile on their face. They have the ability to get up, dust the dust from themselves, and have faith that everything has a fairy tale ending. Every choice has it's consequence. You can either choose to fix things and go on, or fade into shadows and dust...

At Repus ® we will go on no matter how hard it gets. Even though we are a fairly young company, we are built on a strong solid foundation that will weather the storm no matter how tough it gets...

Repus ® is here to make sure that you go on too. We have some of the brightest and most creative minds working with us. We utilize computer science graduates, graphics artists, linguists, and many other brilliant people from around the globe. These people at Repus ® will work to bring your project to life. Repus ® will not only produce an effective product, but we will make sure it is your dream we follow. No matter how large, small, complex, or simple Repus ® will help complete your dream in a satisfactory time frame, and within a budget no other web company can touch.

Repus ® can design, optimize, and host various web sites. Repus ® also has custom and standard web site design and hosting packages available. Repus ® can create graphics from the ground up or work with your current graphics. At Repus ® the options are limitless.

History of Repus ®: Our sole purpose is to satisfy our customers...
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Officially Founded in 1998 I decided that I had enough from the 'School of Life' and would pursue a Computer Science Degree and continue to pursue education, design, and creation through out the rest of his life. Now I am able to work with fellow graduates and friends from around the world to help bring your hopes, dreams, and expectations to life.

The name Repus ® came about while I was surfing in Santa Cruz, CA with one of my best friends in 1994, Ryan, he said, "Wouldn't it be cool to have something called 'Repus' ®." When I asked why 'Repus' ®, he said, "Because it's super spelled backwards." Ryan was right, it is cool having something called Repus ®! Since 1994 we have used Repus ® as a means to bring your business to life on the internet.

I have always believed that the only thing holding a person back, is oneself ~ follow your dreams.

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